What is Intelligent Content Production (ICP)?

  • A single, seamless, high-performing, enterprise class cloud platform that automates production and adaptation of all content and media types. And offers end-to-end content lifecycle management, from content ideation, origination, production, adaptation, trafficking, and fulfillment.

What is a Dynamic Asset?

  • A Dynamic Asset is a digital asset that is POLYMORPHIC:
    • Self Generating – automatically renders from content; brand & legally compliant
    • Situationally Aware – transforms for medium; size to fit space; target recipient or audience
  • Requirements:
    • Data Driven – connects content & reusable components
    • Resizable – componentized to fit the available space
    • Connected Content – based upon an Object Oriented Data Model
    • Relevant – targeted & adheres to brand rules & legal compliance requirements
    • Channel Agnostic – TV, online video, print, digital radio, email, social, digital display, etc.

What is the difference between a Static Asset and a Dynamic Asset?

  • A static asset has to be re-versioned/edited for EVERY piece of content. Static assets are formats that don't change (for example, JavaScript files, style sheets, and images). A dynamic asset (as defined above) is polymorphic and can become ANY piece of content across any channel and or touch-point based on learnings and rules set within the BravasLive platform.

What makes BravasLive unique?

  • No Platform of Vendor has a Cross-Channel Production Engine or servers that can create advertising and assets for every channel for every touchpoint.
  • No Marketing Cloud has a production engine – without a production engine you cannot bind data to create intelligent assets.
    • BravasLive has a cloud-based intelligence engine. We give life to static assets making them dynamic assets. 

What vendors do you work with?

  • BravasLive is media and vendor agnostic.