BravasLive's Proven Three-Step Process

BravasLive has a proven three-step process leaves nothing to chance, guaranteeing exponential increases in advertising and marketing volumes within the same spend.

The first step is valuing target. Noce and his staff will show clients transparently how much measurable and verifiable value they can deliver regarding annual cost savings. This presentation includes flexibility, improved speed, compliance, and marketing effectiveness. These methods are a significant bonus above and beyond the hard savings.

Second, they show clients a value roadmap. The company explains a customized Value Roadmap, showing how quickly they will deliver the value. Also, the short amount of time is surprisingly quick, guaranteeing full payback in 60 days.

Lastly, BravasLive keeps a Value Scorecard, keeping track of the progress from the first day of content production. "Throughout the journey, we will help our clients identify and maximize further ways to achieve maximum value from their marketing spend," says Jay Noce.

Furthermore, BravasLive's white glove services team can also assist in content ideation, adaptation, origination, trafficking, production, and fulfillment. Also, Noce and his staff make sure the content produced is delivered at the high standards, and within the Brand Voice methods, Language, Localization, Legal and Marketing Guidelines.

All of these different checks and balances throughout the process provides full transparency and current progress. Throughout the process, a company will always have the ability to keep real-time tracking of the content produced and ad dollars saved.

"BravasLive embraces technologies, unlocking the full potential to deliver unyielding service and value," adds Noce.

Meet Jay Noce

Jay Noce is an investor, mentor, advertising technology enthusiast, global CEO, and a natural leader in the industry.

Noce founded avVenta Worldwide, LLC in 2005, having served as the company's CEO and Chairman. He built up the global digital production. He then sold his business to Accenture in 2012, becoming a global sparkplug for what today is Accenture Interactive.

Furthermore, he has served as an Executive with IBM Global Services, operating various management positions for Accenture in the Telecom, Financial Services, Mid-Atlantic, and Advanced Technology Divisions.

Today, Noce owns a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Randolph-Macon College. Also, he earned an MBA from Virginia Tech University.

To learn more about Noce and BravasLive, visit their website here.

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