A look into the BravasLive Platform

If you haven't seen the platform in action yet - checkout our 30s demo of creating a hero image display ad...

This is an example of how a corporate (GMC) advertiser’s approved assets + rules are applied at a local entity (Jim Butler Dealership). While this example only shows a digital hero image ad size (679x267) – it could be applied across any digital size or medium/format needed by selecting from the available dropdown menu options within the platform. The local entity (Jim Butler) specifies a need to advertise a different brand/product (from Corvette to Camaro) – when we shift from Corvette to Camaro, not only are all the GMC rules applied, but so are the offers specifically approved and available for Camaro’s at Jim Butler. The end product is a corporate compliant approved image of a Camaro, the right font and placement of the of the Year, Make and Model in the upper right hand corner, the right font and font size of the Model in the lower left hand corner, the approved call to action button, and approved Camaro lease offer available at Jim Butler.

All this is done seamlessly within the platform and can be done for any vertical.