Content Remains King (or Queen)

Adapted by Chris Baker, VP of Business Development and Client Services

Content Production innovations play a key role in driving client value through increased marketing effectiveness with significant cost efficiencies. All “MarTech” runs on content, so content production innovations fueled wide-ranging success across virtually all initiatives.

Now more than ever, marketing success requires relevant, authentic engagement with prospects across an expanding array of touch-points (both online and off). This requires ever-more content volume, variety and velocity to hit your target with precision, consistency, and sustainability. This is VERY HARD and VERY EXPENSIVE. In fact, content production costs are now between 10% and 20% of the typical marketing budget, and still falling way short of what’s needed.

We’ve spent the last several years pioneering and growing content automation businesses. The technology is phenomenal and can deliver magical results. However, we’ve learned during the past 6 years that maximizing the value requires savvy best-practice application of the technology. It also requires measurable and transparent value targeting and tracking.

So that brings us to the “so what?”. We’re excited to share that, together with our partners, we are again changing the game in content production by introducing “Intelligent Content Production.” Intelligent Content Production blends three essential ingredients to deliver maximum value very quickly for our clients and agency partners: 

1. The most advanced and comprehensive AI-powered production automation technologies (including dynamic generation and adaptation of all content from digital, mobile, and social, to video, television, radio, and yes, even print); 

2. Best practice application of these game-changing technologies informed by world-class experience with production operations and in-the-trenches knowledge of how to get the most value from these production technologies in an easy, non-disruptive way; and importantly, in harmony with and not antagonistic to your current operations; and 

3. Last but not least, transparent, measurable, and contractually-committed value targets.

This last point is worth underscoring. The technology is compelling, and its full-on best practice application is inspiring. But we’re not asking anyone to take our word for it. We commit to delivering the value. We’re that confident, and we do not fail. We hope you’ll let us show you how we can guarantee a 90-day payback, with significant value growth beyond that.