Building Brand Equity through Consistency is Key

Consistent customer messaging and experiences are key to building any brand.

Equally key, in the opinion of Jay Noce, CEO of intelligent content production business BravasLive, is consistency in marketing, particularly surrounding brand messaging. Consistency equals familiarity, and familiarity fosters a sense of trust, according to the seasoned marketing and advertising technology leader.

Noce believes that brands, especially in highly competitive markets, must be especially consistent, particularly in their omnichannel messaging, whether that's in print advertisements, television commercials, on social media, or elsewhere. "We know it is paramount to brand equity to be consistent across all marketing channels with messaging and brand guidelines," Noce points out.

So much so, in fact, that he believes it's these consistent marketing messages which are almost entirely responsible for creating repeat custom in many industries. "National and international fast food chains, for example, rely massively on consistent consumer marketing and messaging. The brand becomes synonymous with a level of consistent quality. When you see the McDonald arches - you know what to expect" suggests Noce, meanwhile also highlighting that the same applies in many other, often smaller industries.

Where a brand, business, or organization boasts multiple locations, whether that's two or two-thousand, this consistency in messaging also perpetuates an assurance that customers can fully expect to receive the same great service across all of a brand's outlets, according to Noce. "Using consistent messaging across all forms of marketing is vital," he adds, "whether local, regional, national, or international."

So, with this in mind, how would Noce advise going about implementing a truly consistent approach to messaging and marketing? "Start by defining the brand message," says the expert. "Showcase what makes the brand unique, different, or otherwise special. Look to address customers' pain points and target both their wants and desires, as well as their needs."

Next steps, Noce believes, should be identifying core marketing channels. "The most successful marketing campaigns are built around core channels, rather than the other way around," he suggests.

It's Noce's belief that consistency here is absolutely vital. "Whether they see a billboard, a commercial, or an advertisement on social media, consumers must 'feel' that there's an inherent level of consistency," he says. "There's no room for mixed messages."

From here, the BravasLive boss says it's about automating, auditing, and optimizing. "Again, absolute consistency is the key here," he adds. "Once brand guidelines are set and a marketing campaign defined it is imperative that the brand guide and marketing campaign be executed across all channels with precision, consistency, and sustainability.

And to facilitate this? "BravasLive’s Intelligent Content Production (ICP) platform," says Noce.

"The benefits of ICP are numerous," he adds, wrapping up, "every piece of marketing collateral produced, every output, follows brand guidelines and legal compliances - 100% every time. Through automating marketing production there is no room for human error. We take a marketing campaign and make every marketing asset an intelligent polymorphic marketing assets, which becomes self-aware + contextually-aware, self-generating for any medium, size, aspect ratio and language at scale for a fraction of traditional production prices."

Jay Noce is a seasoned marketing and advertising technology leader. Noce has served as a C-level executive and private equity investor for over a dozen high-profile firms and is actively involved with numerous philanthropic ventures. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from Randolph-Macon College and an MBA from Virginia Tech University, as well as certifications in a number of areas relating to sales, management, leadership, and mentoring.