The Importance of Brand Compliance

Eric Ash Guest Contributor:

Most understand the importance of strong branding, says Jay Noce, however brand compliance is often less well understood or fully appreciated...

Maintaining a consistent brand creates a streamlined, smooth, and reliable customer experience, fostering trust and brand loyalty. In particular, where an organization is operating across multiple locations or in more than one market, brand compliance is of the utmost importance.

"It's about continuity," suggests Jay Noce, getting straight to the point. Peter J. Noce is CEO of Charleston, South Carolina-based intelligent content production business, BravasLive. Of the importance of brand compliance, he highlights marketers and designers first and foremost. "For designers," Peter Noce suggests, "sticking to brand compliance guidelines is especially important."

"In fact," he adds, "I'd say it's absolutely critical."

The intelligent content production company boss suggests that by adhering to such guidelines, designers can distribute their work, maintaining integrity in what they've created, but always and entirely within company branding remits. "Not only are they maintaining their own artistic integrity, they're ensuring that the integrity of whichever brand or organization they're working for is maintained, too," he adds.

"While creating unique visuals and designing artwork which resonates with customers is important, so is ensuring that brand guidelines are maintained," explains Noce. "Brand compliance ensures this, and also ensures that everyone in corporate remains happy."

Much like designers, Noce explains how brand compliance is also vitally important to an organization's marketing team. Or, perhaps more precisely: teams, of which there may be several, nationally or internationally. "Brand compliance ensures consistency in marketing, from the top, all the way down," he suggests. "From the company headquarters to individual local franchisees or overseas offices, marketing work completed within brand compliance guidelines ensures that everyone and everything remains 'on the same page.'"

From logos and slogans to wider brand messaging and copy, brand compliance ensures that only approved elements are editable, or can be edited. "There should be no ambiguity, which also cuts down on back-and-forth and artwork, content, or marketing material approval times," points out the BravasLive boss.

"Ultimately," reckons Noce, in conclusion, and wrapping up, "brand compliance gives businesses and other organizations, and their staff, the power to ensure that their brand is—and remains—instantly recognizable to consumers, whatever the circumstances."

Jay Noce is a seasoned marketing and advertising technology leader. Peter J. Noce has served as a C-level executive and private equity investor for over a dozen high-profile firms and is actively involved with numerous philanthropic ventures. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from Randolph-Macon College and an MBA from Virginia Tech University, as well as certifications in a number of areas relating to sales, management, leadership, and mentoring.